Sufficient Numbers

Read more of ‘Emergence’, by Steven Johnson. For the ‘colony’ to work, there have to be sufficient numbers. How many did Karaj work with in India?

Later there was a call from Dev, along with his fax on the liability of SHG members. I had no real interest in his call and his fax was nothing more than what we had all brainstormed last Sunday with a couple of lines from him added to the end. And that took a week to do?

I talked to Karaj about emergence. He worked with 5000-6000 people in India – what a colony – but Buckminster Fuller says that 6-8 is an ideal number. We also talked about Christmas in Rugby. Me and my script, going back home, to be fed by my mother. No. I am quite happy not to go. I hadn’t expected the invitation this year and I could do with some time to myself to reflect.

I spent the afternoon and evening with Aubrey. I took a nostalgic walk along the route I had taken for two years and which I haven’t walked for over a year. It brought back all sorts of happy memories of finishing work and walking home through the sunshine to an empty house where I could relax. As I walked, I appreciated my life over the last few years and how fortunate I have been to be in such a privileged position. Aubrey and I went to the pub together to watch the game, followed by dinner and a quiet evening with his family.

On my return I chatted briefly with Karaj. Apparently Simran has been here all afternoon. However, he has left no note, nor has he recorded his call to Shona in the book. I don’t like the fact that he has been creeping around.

Summary: another quiet day. Glad I wasn’t here when Simran was around. I enjoyed Aubrey’s company. He is a perceptive man.

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