Monthly Feedback – December 2002

Karaj’s feedback to me for December:

01. Working hard and challenging others, and finding that it is working. The more you challenge the more relaxing it will be for you. You need to realise that I heard your comments about people wasting time here, that you didn’t want people here. I have challenged them repeatedly on that issue over the weekend. I took your comments on board.
02. A steady day recovering from the weekend’s work. You handled a large number of bitty things. A good challenge to Simran – in future you need to ask how much he is going to pay for the financial damage caused.
03. Extremely difficult day. It was very successful even though it was very tiring. By the end of the evening, the job was done.
04. You were challenged and did not take them too personally – that is what is required. It takes a lot of energy when you personalise things, not only your own but other people’s energy as well. You contributed well to the group.
05. Restful day of reflection.
06. Continued working hard. A tough day, coming to the end of the year, it is just about getting through the days. Managed to get everything ready for the men’s group. It was surprising to find that you went through a psychological state in the evening and I found you low. I assumed it was your physical tiredness, when it was actually to do with your appraisal.
07. Yesterday set the scene for today where you did not check the assumptions from last night. You keep on digging a bigger and bigger hole for yourself.
08. The negativity continued until challenged by Ishwar. You need to start examining the pain you are causing yourself unnecessarily. Once the assumption was out in the open, there was not a problem, so one wonders what the mess was about.
09. A very tough day. Worked steadily throughout the day, clearing the negativity with a positive attitude by the end of the day.
10. Again, ended up in a positive frame of reference even though you were extremely tired and managed to reduce the backlog of work to manageable proportions.
11. A good day. We worked steadily from the morning. You were surprised at your appraisal. At least you contributed to the supervision group by having a formalised procedure for the meeting.
12. Supportive, quiet day. Did things together and independent of each other. Excited – like a child on holiday. Focused on the work. Simran: ‘Confronted and also rescued me.
13. Worked steadily throughout the day. Quite a good achievement and no dramas. At the supermarket, when I issued you a challenge, you took the challenge on. Over the past few days, you have been caught out on how you harbour resentment without expressing it.
14. Good support throughout the day. A day which could have been tiring was handled well. Another good day.
15. Again, you worked very hard throughout the day. Achieving quite a lot of varied work throughout a long day.
16. Good day. Sorted out the statements. Worked well on the TDC documentation.
17. Keen to get on (with Ishwar’s appraisal, at Simran’s flat). Irritated at times, but challenged Simran and Ishwar to challenge Dev. You confronted them that they need to continue the challenging behaviour from the weekend.
18. Extreme jigsaw puzzle day. In the morning we did not even know we had a jigsaw puzzle to sort. As we found the puzzle and started to sort it out, it became a very productive day as we accomplished many different jobs, from shopping to decorating and preparing for the gathering of people for the end-of-year educational party. A very successful day. And we could relax and dress up nicely. A lovely end to the day and the year. We created a lovely learning atmosphere for everyone.
It was an end-of-year reflection period and people gathered to relax and reflect on the last year and all the hard work which has been accomplished. It was a spontaneous gathering for quiet, sensitive reflection. The general feedback centred on a tough year of steady progress and the prospect of further progress to come. The low-key nature of the evening, reflected people’s knowledge that there is still a way to go and a tough year ahead.
19. A quiet and reflective day after yesterday’s madness. We took it steady and yet we accomplished quite a number of important small tasks. A productive and useful day.
20. Quiet day, dealing with Simran’s negativity and managing to have rest and work as much as one could.
21-27. A very good quiet space for reflection, contemplation and creating space for next year.
28. Document Assessment – A6542/112 A6879 – Yearly Appraisal. As usual, a good piece of work. Minor concern re. point 3.1.2: Be with your feeling, full stop. Anything more means that you have no commitment.
Document Assessment – A6542/131 A6862 – Weekend Appraisal 13-15 December 2002. This is the summary of the year and the hard work the people have done. It seems people have very short memories of their pain and suffering. There is no history, no power.
30. A very good quiet space for reflection, contemplation and creating space for next year. Turned the corner in the last day, where we are now developing new stuff.

General Comments

  • A relatively quiet month after three or four months of storming. Hopefully we will be able to do what we want to do from now on.

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