A Mammoth Effort

Yesterday and today have been a mammoth effort to finish the latest set of accounts. I worked through the night until 07:00 this morning, had three hours rest and then got back to work. In the middle of it, Simran phoned to support me but, again, the way it all came out just irritated me. For the first time I was able to be straight and say what was on my mind. As a result I felt better – clear – and I brought clarity to Simran too. Simple.

Around lunchtime today I lost two hours of unsaved work and got emotional about it, but very quickly told myself to get on with it and caught up within 45 minutes. That was the error that would keep me calm and focused for the rest of the process. Karaj was in London and I reported to him regularly so he didn’t have to think about it. At the accountant’s I was in control this time; a contrast to the visit five days ago. He appreciated my efforts and thanked me for my help.

Summary: enjoyed finishing off the accounts thoroughly and systematically. Having worked through the night last Wednesday, I knew I could do it again and just got on with it. I kept calm today even when I lost data, reported well to Karaj and delivered the work on time.

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