Don’t Relax. Just Relax.

I went dancing this evening with Simran and Calvin. Having discussed with Simran and Dev the danger of women getting into my head, I was well prepared and aware of the potential pitfalls. There were no real candidates for this but I still pinpointed one girl as a possibility. She was sending out some sort of sexual vibe. Having identified one, another one – the Hungarian housewife – came from nowhere for the last dance.

Learning point: Don’t relax just because I think I’ve found what I’m looking for, and be aware that the danger can come from anywhere. Enjoyed the dancing. I didn’t dance too much but found the people very friendly.

Back at Simran’s we chatted until the early hours. I challenged Calvin to verbalise and talked to Simran about our phone call last Sunday. After a smoke with Simran, I was relaxed and very entertaining; I did most of the talking and was both sociable and inclusive. I am good when I am relaxed. I also saw how effective I am when I use my feelings appropriately rather than trying to impress. I brought enthusiasm and fun to the evening as well as some incisive, accurate feedback and challenges to Simran and Calvin.

Learning point: I didn’t know what to say about Simran’s desire to be a singer, so I said nothing and relaxed until something came to me. The conversation flowed easily. Just relax.

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