Be Straight With People

Karaj and I spent all morning on the phone to banks, the accountant, phone company and clients and did not get out of the house for lunch until nearly 14:00. In addition, Karaj is getting annoyed with people wanting to take over my office without knowing how hard I have worked.

Late in the evening, I wrote about the use and payment of resources. Having learned from my accounts appraisal the benefit of just doing things, I procrastinated no longer about this report. I just got on with it rather than wanting to make it perfect. And it was easy. The thing is, I may say that I set high standards for myself, but that is not the real issue. The point is that I have not recognised my abilities for what they are. I am highly capable and able to write quality without much effort. So do it more and more.

Just before midnight I joined Karaj’s session with Michelle and Serena. I read the fees article I had just written and received good feedback: well-written and to the point. Both Serena and Michelle took personally the point about messing around and not taking the opportunities here seriously. Karaj stated that this was okay. He also made a note to add personal words to each client about how the new structure will affect them. Again, an example of how Karaj takes all ideas on board and where necessary makes immediate use of them.

Summary: Good work this morning. Needed the yoga. The fees article is evidence that I am becoming, in Karaj’s words, the ‘administrator from hell’ and it’s fine because I am being straight about it. That is the key.

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