Too Interested In His Negativity

Today was a day with Karaj and Simran. As it turned out, it was not a good one for Simran. From time to time we took breaks from the work to sit together and talk. These are the notes I made of those conversations:

  • We talked about Simran’s issue of not understanding. Karaj told him to stop trying to understand. Just experience everything and stick to that.
  • I challenged Simran that his forgetfulness and absentmindedness in the village had nothing to do with understanding. He agreed but there was no power in him at all.
  • Simran accused Karaj of being inconsistent with the procedures for the logbook. What is Simran playing at?
  • I talked to Simran at length about his negative attitude to everything, when there is a positive outlook waiting to be made use of. He eventually saw my point but again there was no real conviction.
  • I needed my space from Simran after our chat. It can be so draining with him. I put all my energy into making him see what he is doing and receive nothing but a limp response.
  • Simran is observing how well I am doing by just getting on with the work.
  • We talked about Simran’s days in electronics. He came alive and showed real enthusiasm for that line of work. Karaj encouraged him to bring it here and resurrect his career. Also, it allowed Simran to show off his successes; something we hear too little about. He is too interested in his negativity.

Summary: another full day. Tired from, among other things, the fresh air of the garden, but still sharp with it. Challenging, supportive and observant.

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