Monthly Feedback – January 2003

This is the last of the monthly statements, with Karaj’s feedback to me for every day I worked.

01. You need to be much more forthright about what is on your mind. If you are angry, you need to express it in a thoughtful, clear way and express it all, so that there is nothing left. Do not tease people.
02. We got the newsletter (#11) moving, creating a dummy to fiddle around with.
03. A very exciting day. We managed to get everything done. The newsletter was finished. The preparation paid off and everything went smoothly.
04. You are learning to challenge, but the challenge has to be sharper, clearer and specific. If you are going to challenge half-heartedly, which is what you tend to do, then it is going to backfire on you. You need to relax and to see when you need to be aggressive. Do not assume that people will not work for you, because they will. However, if you come from the position that they will be useless, then they will be useless.
05. Good, restful day. Made good progress on the 2001-02 accounts. Good, quiet work.
06. Steady day. Further work on the accounts. You have been taking more and more responsibility. Working steadily without noise or dramas.
07. Quiet working day. However, in the group work you were getting annoyed, rather than expressing your annoyance.
08. Action packed day. This is the sort of day which portrays you in your best light.
09. Again, despite working hard during the night and correcting your mistakes (cooking Dev’s food again due to the glass chipping into the food), you carried on, also taking appropriate rest. Again, you were at your best, keeping busy and achieving quite a lot.
10. Another busy, excellent day. Learning point is that when you verbalise something, there is no problem.
11. Worked extremely hard. Supported people. Did whatever was required. Good, high energy.
12. Brilliant work. You started well and also took rest. You did it your own way and reported regularly, so there was no need for me to worry about what you were doing.
13. Excellent day. Another ground-breaking milestone where you took control from beginning to end of a project and finished everything by yourself, without interference from me. You took charge.
14. A quiet, productive day. Good work. Document Assessment – A6542/158 A6980 – Appraisal 10-28 May 2002 – An example of good work given the script issues you were facing in May. You can see that by going through them and coming out the other end, you have the clarity of the process. If you do not act and, instead, you fantasise, then the cost is high and you pay for it all along. With several issues from these appraisals you can clearly see that, because you have followed procedures, the results have clearly met your goals.
15. A good solid day. there is more and more consistency to each day and you are creating the potential for a strong, sold relationship.
16. Steady, excellent and consistent day. A lot of work accomplished and you brought life, enthusiasm, clarity and support to the dance evening with Calvin and Simran.
17. Worked well all day and challenged people throughout. At last you are getting good at challenging. That really lessens your load.
18. Worked well in the background, catering for the women’s group and supervising Ishwar and Dev. You came alive by involving Ishwar and Simran in what turned out to be very effective work. You saw how you can steer yourself where you want to go rather than fall victim to your emotions. Excellent work again, as usual. Hard work not only brings insight to life but also enthusiasm and zest for life. As long as you realise that the process is going to take a few years, you will be in a very good position.
19. You worked extremely hard, although you got sucked into Harriet’s game. You need to be consulting me rather than Harriet, because you are in charge of the office and we run the office together. Very productive work; at the same time very tiring.
20. Quiet day. Good support from you in challenging Bridget.
21. Started gradually and worked well by the end of the day. A good day. Good contact, good pastiming and a high level of productivity even when we were low.
22. A good day. A lot of hard work. We got everything sorted out for the evening and all your preparation work was excellent. Good jobs done.
23. Excellent day. A quiet day with some productive work. it is a quiet period of the year and we are making progress.
24. Good day with a lot of activity. Good challenges from you to Simran.
25. A very good day. Practical work combined with mind work. A full day.
26. Quiet day.
27. Continued working hard, being very supportive and keeping the office going.
28. Quiet day. Did some productive work.
29. Productive day. Good, effective work and also managed the whole evening proficiently and with your normal professionalism.
30. A good day and we did serious work. Good pastiming and good banter.
31. A steady day. Got the negativity out of the way and moved the process on in the evening. Document Assessment – A6542/206 A7108 – Accounts Appraisal – Excellent work.

General Comments

  • Working steadily away.
  • Doing well.
  • Need to carry on with all the effort you have put in.

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