Aggressive, Gentle & Curious

I woke up feeling pretty alive. We (Karaj, Dev, George, Ishwar, Michelle, Calvin and I) spent most of the daylight hours in the garden working on the panels and 3×2′ slabs around the compost area. I got cocky and Karaj had to remind me: Where is my team? I need them for this work.

I was aware from the start that something was not right because I was too excited, but I didn’t go far enough to safeguard myself against getting cocky. I did tell Simran to keep an eye on me, but he didn’t. He let me down. Still, I worked hard and did not go under. In the evening I took charge of the work we did.

Karaj – ‘You’re aggressive, and you’re also gentle. And you’re curious. That’s good.

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