Contributing To People

Karaj, Simran and I planned the tasks. We spent the day finishing the construction of the compost tower and, when Karaj went off, Simran and I hung the door, dressing it very well using hidden hinges. As we admired our work, I challenged Simran. He needs to talk. In the evening I had a short rest, but couldn’t sleep properly – too much body pain, especially my legs. When I awoke Karaj told met that Imogen cannot make Monday and I will have to pick up Simran’s kids on the train. It is going to be a long day and I will need all the support I can get (George & Calvin).

Simran and I prepared the vegetables. He is not talking – nothing. Dev arrived and the two of us got into a conversation straight away. It was good to see him and he supported me in my efforts with Simran.

Summary: Good work in the garden. I saw the difference Simran makes: tension, errors, irritation, stop-start. On Wednesday Karaj and I worked well together, fluidly, energised and empowered. Simran is just happy to get it over with. When Karaj left to drive Shona, I took over and instructed but also listened to Simran. I challenged him during our work, and again in the evening. Having chatted easily with Dev, I am seeing more and more how able I am to talk and what it does for me. I am interacting with and relating to my environment. I am alive and contributing to people.


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