Feel The Fear & Get On With Life

As we waited for the other men to arrive for today’s group, Dev and I chatted, while Simran sat isolated, withdrawn and quiet. In the group, I talked about where I am, which led to an explanation of the Kübler-Ross model applied to the group since Robert left. We have been grieving since he left and it has affected the whole group.

Leon challenged Simran on his phone message during the week. It was ‘on the edge of legitimacy.’ The conclusion from that discussion was that we fall into the trap of trying to prove we are nice when we are nice already. Always check your authority and responsibility.

This led on to comments about fear. There are times when I put myself into situations in spite of my fear because I know I can learn and grow. Karaj’s comment was: ‘Feel the fear and get on with life.

Simran was challenged again. This time on the complete lack of organisation for the trip with his sons on Monday. At midnight, once everyone had left, I sat down to prepare for tomorrow’s work. It has been an easy, relaxed and hard working day. I am doing well and I am ‘fluent’. Don’t get cocky.

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