Working Together

In the morning’s supervision it was clear that, although Dev was present, his mind was elsewhere. Make up your mind. Make a decision and stick to it rather than have your feet in both camps, hedging your bets. Make a commitment. This, of course, is relevant to me because I sometimes doubt the wisdom of what I am doing. Don’t give myself the option of doubt. I am here doing what I am doing and that is that. We also addressed Dev’s negativity. He started his day with negativity and that is what he sets up for himself: negative strokes all the time. Choose positivity.

For the whole day, we worked with Ishwar on his work appraisal, typing up the notes he has made about his work over the last weeks as well as detailing his responsibilities and achievements. It was a thorough process and one which brought to life Ishwar’s job and work, as well as highlighting his abilities and options for future development. (When he gave it to his boss two days later, Ishwar felt empowered and his boss was stunned.)

Once Ishwar had played his part, the rest of us (Karaj, Simran, Dev and I) took over. Any further involvement from Ishwar would have been unnecessary and an interference. It was excellent work and an example of what we can achieve when we work together. One person working alone could not achieve what we have done today and that is the key to our power.

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