How We Work

Dev phoned this morning to speak to Karaj. He is feeling ill and does not want to face the world. I informed Karaj and he told me to curtail the call. Dev is looking for negative strokes. During a meeting with Shona and me, Karaj dictated the document setting out the fines procedure. After we had talked about it yesterday, Karaj has moved things along. When Kuldip arrived in the afternoon, we went through it together and made further corrections.

That document is a good example of how things work here. We handle what needs to be handled otherwise we cannot move forward. I can see clearly how it furthers our work and brings more definition to what we are about. It’s all about rules and procedures. Once they are in place we are free. Paradox.

The WSG tonight lasted six hours. Ishwar’s appraisal sticks out as the highlight: an empowering document from his boss which is a credit both to Ishwar and the group. Very powerful and an example of what we do. There was a good atmosphere which not even Simran’s complete reticence and arrogance could affect. Maybe that’s the power of the group, which Ishwar’s appraisal brought to bear.

Summary: A more restful day. Completing the fines document gave me further insight into dealing with issues as they arise. And this evening we all did good work. It was an enjoyable experience; a contrast to how I used to feel in the group in the days when I was deep in Child ego state.

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