He Gives All He Has

After clearing up the final remnants of the soaking in C2 from the other night (what an exciting and fascinating garden this is), Karaj dictated a memo to Dev. He is fucking around and this was a comprehensive memo providing Dev with a lot of information about what he’s doing and what he needs to do. It is an example of Karaj’s commitment.

After George’s session with Karaj this evening, the three of us chatted. We talked about Karaj’s commitment – he gives everything he has. At the levels he works, he cannot afford to have any doubt that he has given everything. Regardless of the situation or the client, he gives all he has because at the end of the day he is accountable to himself and he must be able to sleep at night. Karaj added that straightness is often perceived as arrogance, so be careful.

Later still, Michelle phoned to speak to me. We chatted about the benefits of staying put. I spent many years running away, starting over afresh and quickly reaching the same state and conclusions. I have been here for over three years and I am reaping the benefits of routine and experience in one job, as well as simplifying my life by reducing the variables from changing my scenery every two years.

Summary: Lots of interruptions today. Nonetheless I made more progress on my to-do list, accompanied by much appreciation of where I am, what we’re doing and where we are going. Karaj and I also discussed closing the office during the week (Mon, Tue & Thur.) A good idea. [It never happened in my time.]

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