It’s The Experience That Counts

Chatted with Karaj who suggesed closing the Self Healing group, losing Dev and Simran, and getting new people in. It seems like a good idea to me. If people cannot move with us – and Karaj gives them every opportunity to do so – then we will move on without them. Notes from tonight’s men’s group:

  • Simran came to life when challenged, but only because he was emotional and close to tears.
  • Ishwar’s feedback on his conference was empowering. He is showing initiative. It is our success too.
  • Leon’s work issue. With any job, look at the final destination and decide whether it is worth it. Also see how irritation spreads so easily when not verbalised and when not earthed via the support network.
  • Kuldip’s agenda: avoid explanations.
  • Fines document. We are serious about what we do and it is important to safeguard ourselves as we move forward. This also locks us in to procedures and rules.
  • Priya’s report back on the court case. The benefits of preparation.
  • Karaj – ‘Emotions are a powerful tool. Use them. See what you feel – insight – and subdue yourself. You have the answers, so relax.

The group went on until after midnight and, as people left, Kuldip was preoccupied with Karaj’s Prophet poster. He also had his head in the Bible earlier on – he is reading too much when it is the experience that counts.

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