Calmness, Clarity & Contribution

At the end of the 3-day weekend, we sat together to summarise our time together: calmness, clarity, and appropriate contribution; a lack of emotion and good quality conversation. Our discussion continued, looking at how much of a hold our feelings have on us, especially when we don’t check the facts. The facts cannot be ignored under any circumstances. Other notable points from the last couple of days:

  • Ishwar and I finally sorted the lock on the C2 doors. Only in the quietness could I have completed the job. (The hole to receive the latch was too high). In our emotions and detail yesterday neither I nor Ishwar could see that.
  • Supporting Karaj and Priya in their work on C1, it was good just to stand back and observe. (Don’t just do something, sit there!) We experimented with mounting the flip chart and abandoned the idea for another day. It was important to have tried though.
  • Observations will improve as the conditioning slips away.
  • Karaj told me: ‘I will not let anyone disrespect you. Even when I am dead.’
  • The negativity of people around me is a reflection of my own negativity.
  • Saw how easy it is to personalise things: ‘You’re personalising things.’ ‘No I’m not!!

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