Resolve & Determination

Yesterday had been a long, painful day; but a successful one, executed with resolve and a determination not to slip into old habits. I had felt short-tempered before the supervision group (WSG) but just got stuck in. During a break, for instance, I saw Simran giving Shona a stone for her healing bowl. I challenged him thoroughly for being sneaky and getting Shona on her own when we had only just discussed the value of sharing things in the group. Because of my commitment to contribute – instead of withdraw and sulk – I came alive.

Today, Karaj complimented me on it: ‘Well done for seeing and challenging Simran so firmly yesterday. You tackled your issue with your dad as well as helping Shona and Simran at the same time.’ He added that he knew I was capable of sorting myself out, the day I asked why people were not taking the opportunities here.

Calvin phoned about a work issue. At first I was not sure what to say but in the end it was easy: follow procedures, write things down, etc. I finished the Eden book by Tim Smit. He wrote about the importance of community (spirit) and togetherness. That’s what I am learning here.

Another learning point from today: If I am confused or unclear what people are saying to me, ask for clarity. This will enable me to give clear, straight answers.

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