We Need To Move Forward

Tonight’s Wednesday Supervision Group was attended by Karaj, George, Harriet, Simran, Shona, Michelle, Ishwar and me. We spent a lot of time on Kuldip (not even present), Michelle (fucking around) and Ishwar, who is in the confusion stage.

Ishwar says he wants to move forward but it is new territory and although he hates his job, he is still holding on to its familiarity. Karaj and I need to move forward and we can no longer spend valuable time and energy dragging people with us if they really do not want to move on. My agenda items were dealt with quickly and the brainstorm on my piece about the similarities between personal development and learning a language brought up some useful suggestions from people. What a lovely part of the process sharing ideas is.

Ishwar’s agenda item: people who go for certainty do so because they have fear. They want to avoid that fear so they go for what is certain. It is a blinkered approach which keeps them in their fantasy. When a trauma occurs – a change of circumstances – their eyes are open to the possibilities. Now they have the choice to move forward into an new area (of life) or cling to their old life. It takes courage to take a risk. But where is the risk when the old life has been proved to be detrimental and ineffective?

We drafted a memo to Kuldip. Again, here is an example of Karaj dealing with an issue immediately and head on. It means that it’s no longer in his psyche and he is free to move on. As for Kuldip, god only knows what place he is in.

Summary: A productive day. Karaj said in the session that he is glad I am talking about people wasting our time and how it cannot continue. He added that I need to be even more firm with people.

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