He Doesn’t Waste A Second

Supervision (Karaj, Priya, Dev, Simran, Shona). Karaj told everyone that they do not meet the minimum standard to work with him and that, if he moves on, he is taking me with him. He also commented that ‘the other negativity this past week has been Priya.’ In her feedback Priya realised that she disappears very quickly in her head, just like Ishwar. Calvin phoned with his weekly report. He felt good as a result of writing things down: ‘I didn’t realise I had done so much.’ Exactly.

Apparently, Arun has cleared all her stuff out. Without a word, she has taken all her belongings and left. Strange behaviour. Her action has been like a grenade thrown into our group because this afternoon we scattered and worked in fragmented ways. This is the time we need to stick together and stand firm. Also, I realised that I needed this weekend’s physical work to help overcome the negativity of recent days/weeks. My mind, however, has been telling me that I need to be alone and left to get on with my office work!

Karaj and I took Simran back home. I chatted with Karaj on the way back about how he sees our future: ‘Writing articles and then talking about them.’ Sounds good to me. We talked about Priya playing big games. Attention seeking through withdrawal tells Karaj that she’s not serious about sorting herself out.

Summary: A good, physical day. Dealing with all the negativity by getting on with the work. Karaj: ‘We have clarity about what we do and where we’re going. You are much clearer about what we do, which is the important thing.’ My achievements over the last three days are down to two things: 1) the to-do list forces me to be accountable to myself for my time. 2) Karaj’s example has had an effect on me. He doesn’t waste a second.

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