Precise Communication

We took delivery of the colour scanner/printer. It weighs a ton. We managed to get it into the hallway but no further. When George arrived the three of us discussed a plan of action to move it into place. Together we eventually managed to maneuver it into its corner. We had to raise it six inches, move it two feet over the bottom stair and lower it again. We used huge pieces of wood as a platform, a hydraulic jack and precise communication to effect our success. Good engineering, good teamwork, good communication. It was a delight to work so closely in a such a focused manner and the communication was a real thrill.

Later Karaj, Shona, George, Ishwar and I talked about to-do lists. Karaj looks at people’s to-do lists and picks out their styles. He encourages them to make the most of their styles of working to resolve the issues in their lives. He explained, for example, how he goes into panic and confusion when faced with a problem, but he uses those very same states to reach a solution.

On another subject Karaj addressed me specifically, saying that with Simran coming to the house tomorrow I should start each day anew and come from the position that Simran will contribute; and he will. If he doesn’t, we have procedures: don’t get angry, fine him.

Summary: Tired all day but achieved well. Feeling calm about how well I am doing. It leaves me feeling very natural. Relax because the next test is just around the corner.

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