All You Need Is Self-Respect

I had to be woken twice by Karaj. It is so hard to get up at the moment, and sleeping on the floor doesn’t help because upright is such a long way to up. I worked with Simran to hang a notice board and three pictures in the hallway and the client’s room. I was trying to come from the position that Simran will contribute, but he was making it difficult for me.

In the supervision session, Shona vented her anger about the receptionist and the nurse at the doctor’s surgery. She accused them of gossiping and treating men better than women. Karaj explained that all she needs is self-respect and then she wouldn’t bother about what other people do in their lives.

In the evening (Dev, Priya, Imogen, Michelle and Harriet had joined us by this time), we talked about relationships and how people block themselves and others. Karaj suggested Harriet and Shona go to the cinema together. I began to feel resentment because Shona and I had arranged to go together and here I was being discounted. In truth I was discounting myself and feeling sorry for myself. When I realised this I calmed down. Remember the self-respect.

Shona on the other hand tried hard to communicate her issues about not wanting to go. Unfortunately, she tried too hard and it came out as anger. I recognised this because I used to have the same problem when I tried hard not to come from Child ego state. In addition, Shona was not being straight or clear about her reasons for not wanting to go with Harriet. When she was finally clear, everything was okay. Furthermore, she reiterated her agreement to go with me.

Calvin called to inform us of the response to his memo to the big boss. He had received a positive response, thanking him for his memo. Great. That’s all there is to it.

We began erecting the new conservatory awning, eventually finishing at 23:30. I noticed the contrast with the communication between Karaj and George yesterday when moving the printer, because this evening Simran did not talk at all.

In the final supervision of the day, we talked about people’s moods. The women talked of how they sometimes deliberately seek out arguments when they are hormonal. Karaj pointed out that Parent ego state means predicting their mood swings and verbalising them. Simran was challenged again to verbalise and Michelle finally hit on the right answer with respect to her contract: the answer is here (at the house). All she has to do is come here, no matter what. Procedures

Summary: Good day, good work. I contributed and engaged well.

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