Passive Aggressive

Tired but buoyed by last night’s achievements and not too annoyed by Simran’s presence. Talking to him is an easier option than withdrawing and being resentful.

In the first supervision, he was challenged for not following procedures. Again, he started the day with the best intentions and went down at the first challenge. He was challenged further for having no responsibility nor accountability. He irritates me and I want to stand up and throw my chair at him. I calmed down when Karaj talked to him about concentrating on the fact that he does want to sort himself out.

Later in the day, Karaj was with a client, so I took charge of the supervision. I felt comfortable with it. I challenged Simran and he eventually said that Karaj is there to sort him out. A better way of seeing it would be that he comes here to sort himself out, just as Karaj had told him this morning.

He then got confused with the tea he’d made for everyone, until Priya rescued him. I reminded him of the fine he’d incurred with a similar incident over a cup of tea. He remembered, but has learnt nothing from it because, once again, he failed to verbalise. With his passive aggressive behaviour he irritated me, and he made Priya feel wrong.

Priya’s issue was that she needs to learn to analyse her work. She was unsure how many boxes she had planted and how long it would take her to finish.

Summary: A very busy day, but I’ve been calm throughout. Challenged everyone, filled every minute. Calmness again. Verbalised well.

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