Just About Back To Normal

In the first session, Simran was heavily challenged. He says he is contributing to us with his fuck-ups because they are highlighting the holes in our procedures. The arrogance. We don’t want to get stuck in procedures, we want to move forward. Karaj told him it is his (Karaj’s) privilege to acknowledge people and that if Simran thinks he has contributed to us then he should calculate the benefit to others in financial terms. It was good that Ishwar has witnessed what Fridays are like with Simran. (Why is it good?)

Imogen talked about her row with her husband. She has an expectation of the marriage, e.g. that they shouldn’t row. The solution is to expect the arguments. When you get sucked into an argument you have no respect for yourself. Engage in the argument, look forward to it, create it. Imogen should have contact with women, phone them, have them over and have their pictures around her.

During the food preparation with Simran, Ishwar and Calvin, everyone was separate so I pulled us all together and told Simran to give us tasks to do. He struggles to show any authority. I brought Ishwar out of himself by discussing his EEM work. He is worried about the intellectual side of it, but there is no need. He is highly effective when he keeps things simple and straightforward.

There were ten of us for the final session of the day. Simran was challenged to stop saying ‘I’m in the shit’, because if he keeps on saying it that’s where he’ll stay. I had the same with my emotions – keep talking about them and that’s all you have. Ishwar’s plan for EEM. Michelle talked about seeing her mother’s true nature. She reported back in a much more mature way, whereas Priya was challenged on her poor reporting.

Summary: Just about back to normal now. We spent three hours challenging Simran and ended the day challenging Priya! This brought back the feelings from her week here and I knew I have to look after myself. Protect myself. I got Ishwar talking and brought people together. I’m back. Relax, don’t get cocky. It was good to have so much company around today.

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