Earning The Right To Celebrate

I met myself in the newsagents this morning. The owner started telling me that the world is overpopulated. I was backing away by the end of our brief conversation. It showed me how I used to be and how far I have come. What a relief.

Supervision. Observing ourselves is tough because we change under observation. The script disappears or disguises itself.

Worked with Dev on the Couples Therapy document. At first I was not awake enough to concentrate, so we took a break and discussed the problem with the utility block. We quickly came up with a solution to brace the back panels against the opposite bank of the block. The document was easy after that. We worked well together. Dev is sharp, and it was my job to make sure he didn’t get too much into detail. When he’s serious, he is brilliant. And when he’s appropriately funny, he is hilarious.

I talked to Karaj about visiting Eric in Spain later this month and about how things have gone this weekend. Everything is fine for Spain; and the group this weekend has been more like I would want it to be: mature and productive, as well as good-humoured. Seeing this shows me that things are happening all the time and that, even when it looks like we are getting nowhere, we are still moving forward and although we may return to the same frustration, as we so often have, it does not mean we are not moving forward.

After bracing the back panels in the utility block, we sat for the final supervision of the day. There was laughter about Karaj’s anecdotes regarding the way he deals with people: doing things his way. Always doing things his way. We laughed again at his story of giving a lecture at Essex University when he was supposed to be at Sussex University. This final session is what happens when we work well together. We earned the right to relax and celebrate the weekend. Well done. Don’t get cocky.

Summary: Another good day. Good work and good fun. I feel so much lighter mentally and can therefore relate to people easier. In the garden work tonight, I was very effective, aware of what was going on, encouraging others and making it work. I was tuned in. This weekend has shown me that in all the chaos and negativity, things are moving. Again, it’s happening.

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