Move Forward & Lead

I feel like I’m falling apart. Karaj reassured me: ‘You are doing well. All the pain is your script. We are coming to the end of your 2-year period after your back operation and your script is trying to keep you in the place you’ve been for so long.’ In the evening everyone else tidied up and I was left to await the birthday celebrations. Shona had made a beautiful cake – a bucket scene just like the excavation of the utility block. It brought a real smile to my face. People’s feedback was touching, especially from Dev, George, Leon, Shona and Karaj:

Tenacity. Maturity. A drive to learn. You are part of the family (Shona & Karaj). Supportive. The anchor man. A heart of gold. Leon said, ‘It’s tough but you’re the man to do it and you have the support around you.

Karaj added, ‘It’s difficult to talk about someone you’re so close to, but it’s a privilege for me to provide parenting to you. I always wanted someone younger to work closely with me, learn from me and lead. So go on, move forward and lead.

I responded, agreeing with Leon that it’s tough here, but that this place has answered more questions and supported me more than anywhere I’ve ever been.

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