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[This is the memo I wrote in response to my mood of the previous two days, as well as all the weeks and months of frustration prior to that period. 11 years on, I initially had my doubts about whether I actually wrote it or whether Karaj had dictated it. However, it is clear from my notes that it resulted from the force of my commitment to sort things out, as well as the fact that Karaj empowered me to do what I see as appropriate.]

Dear All,

Now that most people have access to the house at any time of the day and night, I want to make the following clear:

  1. This house is not a place you come to when you are lonely. It is a place you come to sort your loneliness out.
  2. Anyone who is not prepared to work while they are here is wasting their own time and that of other people as well. There is no need to be here if you are not here to work.
  3. Just because people have keys to this place, does not mean they can come and go as they please or stay overnight whenever it is convenient for them.
  4. Attendance at the house and the use of the resources here needs to be cleared at least two days in advance.
  5. There will be a timetable available on the notice board and this needs to be filled in at the weekends for anyone planning to use the facilities here during the week.
  6. Any emergencies which necessitate the use of the facilities here will be considered on their own merit.
  7. Any emergencies which arise as a result of poor planning, lack of foresight, or simple incompetence will be fined.
  8. Standards are to be maintained at the highest possible level. What we send out from this office says everything about ourselves. If you are not prepared to set high standards for yourself, then you do not care about yourself. And if that is the case, then I don’t want you here.

Kind regards

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