If you can be clear about what it is you want, then it’s already on its way. The rest is pretty straightforward. It’s about recognising and taking the opportunities as they come your way, which they will. And you will see the opportunities, because you are focused on what it is you want to achieve.

That focus exists because of the clarity.

As a further demonstration of the power of clarity, I explain to clients that if they write down what they want, they can do whatever they like with the piece of paper upon which their dreams are written. They can lose it, hide it, throw it away or just forget about it. It doesn’t matter because when you have clarity about something, it brings with it a power which makes fulfilment almost inevitable.

By the way, my advice would be to keep a record of it somewhere because you can always refer back to it to see how far you have come. Or, like me yesterday, when you come across it again you can wonder at how clear things were from such an early stage. When I was preparing the historical entry for this day, I read the account I had written 11 years ago of a conversation I’d had 12 years ago.

I remembered the conversation, but had forgotten I’d written anything down. As I read those words from 4,017 days ago, I realised that the same words now resonate throughout the website I created years later. In fact, I recently designed some marketing cards which are reproduced here on the website. As you can see if you click on the two sheets on that page, they are extensions of what I wrote on 1st April 2000.

Furthermore, the work I do as a coach and trainer is precisely what I envisioned when I had that conversation with a colleague back in March 1999. That’s how powerful it is when we have clarity.


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