It’s The Thought That Counts

Opening new doors can be as simple as closing old ones. Simple, but not always easy because there can be a tendency to hold on to elements of our lives which no longer serve a purpose. Out of habit, sentimentality, or a lack of awareness we accrue unfinished episodes which seem to lie dormant but which have a greater impact than we realise. And when that impact is detrimental, we are better off doing something about it. When we do, we immediately create space for more appropriate people and experiences to enter our lives.

Some people hold on to their misfortune in order to perpetuate their suffering or to justify their complaints. Others just settle for the cards they’ve been dealt, not really aware that there is an alternative or even that they deserve any improvement. And there are those who look for positive experiences hoping they will cover the negative ones. But the best approach is to create a more positive experience by clearing the way for it to happen. Create space and prepare the ground by ridding ourselves of those areas of our life which no longer serve us.

The reason for that is not because our life is so full that we have reached a one in, one out scenario. It is more subtle than that. More subtle, and more powerful. It has to do with intention and focus. Whatever our reasons for holding on to the negativity, it is the holding on which stifles our progress more than the entity itself. Fortunately, as soon as we shift our focus onto releasing it, change occurs. It’s as if the good stuff is queuing up, waiting for us to give the signal. And it can begin with just a thought.

It’s true that actions speak louder than words, but all actions begin with a thought, and it’s with the thought that the real power lies. So when I spoke to a client two months ago about closing the door on a long-standing negative aspect of her life, I was not surprised to receive an email from her telling me that, although she had only been giving it some thought, already things were shifting. Without her even having made a start on any of the preparation work we had discussed, people were beginning to get in touch offering projects which were just what she was looking for.

After years of having the previous episode loitering in the background of her life, steadily consuming space and energy, it took only a thought for her to create more favourable conversations and opportunities. The strength of her intention to resolve the issue was enough to open the door to a better reality. One which had been patiently waiting its turn. Patiently waiting for the right thought.


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