Complete Commitment

I felt it when we spoke on the phone in January, but being with Karaj over the past couple of days, it has been unavoidable. It’s an aspect of the man which had slipped from my memory in the years since my training, but which permeates every conversation we have: his commitment to his journey. He is more committed than anyone I have ever met to sorting himself out, releasing every last hint of residual pain or conflict, and cleansing his soul forever.

It was always the case that, as a therapist, he would use whatever happened to highlight people’s scripts or behaviour patterns, to show them their manipulative ways, or how they persecute themselves or rescue others. But he consistently goes one step further: he uses whatever happens in his own life to confront his very existence.

I champion the cause of personal development because I believe it is vital to the continued evolution of our species and because I believe that every one of the 7.2 billion of us – not to mention those who will follow – can improve their lives and relationships by reflecting on who they are and how they interact with their environment. I get enthusiastic about it and my commitment to the process is clear, but here is a man who has always been on another level.

When I arrived here two days ago he told me we are now equals. That is a compliment to both of us, but from where I stand it is not wholly accurate. We are much closer together than before and I have a greater understanding of the work he did with us because of the work I do with others, but I still have a long way to go.

That is clear to me when I look at my journals. I have absorbed so much from Karaj, but there are observations and comments from him in those texts, which make me think I am not even close to having such insights. Then again, I recall having those exact same feelings when I first worked with him. Back then he told me it was easy. Yesterday he informed me that the quieter I become, the more insight I will have. And today he added that quietness is where my commitment needs to be.

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