Relax, Your Future’s On Its Way

Inspired by two communications with former clients this week, this post follows on from the previous two and is the logical next step: Once you know you create your future, you can relax, it’s on its way. And if you relax, you will see it coming over the horizon. However, if you are too busy with your thoughts and concerns, it will pass you by. Whatever our desired future, the temptation is to force it into existence because we want it so much, or we want to know if it works out, or even just because we desperately want to get out of our current situation. We serve ourselves best, however, by relaxing.

The desperation to get away from your present is even more of a reason to relax and be where you are; it’s possible you are being shown something vital to your development. You can learn from the undesirable experiences in life and, if you take what is there to learn, you may never have to deal with its like again (or you will, at the very least, be better equipped). If not, then a repeat performance awaits you somewhere down the line. Make the most of what is happening to you now, before you move on.

And all the while you are dealing with the here and now, you are also creating your future. Inevitably. Unequivocally. I spent too much time during my training thinking about my future. More to the point, I went round in circles, worrying about it. What am I doing with my life? Will all this work out? How is it going to happen? What will I even be doing? Karaj was forever telling me to relax, explaining over and over again that I was building the foundations in order that my future can happen. And that’s all I had to do. Focus on building the foundations. He’s still saying it to me.

That’s the key here. Build the foundations and relax. This is where the two communications come in. I received one in an email from a former client. She wrote about her freelance work and how, when work was thin on the ground, she did not worry or frantically try to remedy the situation. She was patient, had confidence in herself and trust in the process. It worked wonders. She has been inundated with offers for work. Work she loves. The important point here, is that she built her foundations for this particular future over a few years, working hard and creating relationships. When everything is in place, progress is effortless.

The same is true of another client. He worked hard all last year, moving intensely but also painfully forward and upward. Last week he spoke of how he is beginning to calm down, take a step back, observe and listen. He talked as though a new world is opening up to him. And it is, because he is seeing more of the intricacies around him: the subtleties of a facial expression which betray a hidden feeling; the muffled half-sentence which makes the whole conversation coherent. He is seeing the detail in the interactions around him, and recent feedback has confirmed that his progress over the last year (while he was building his foundation) has been noted.

Finally, and with regard to the previous posts in this trilogy, two other friends independently confirmed the idea that you have already wished for what you already have. They both reflected on their life and saw that, at some point in their history, they had wished for each of the elements which make up their present situation. One of them is experiencing a painful time, but he is determined to learn all he can from where he is. Again, just because we want out of the present, does not mean we should rush towards our future. Instead, spend your time and energy on what is in front of you. Give it your full attention. And rest assured that, as you prepare the ground, your future is on its way.


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