Be (With) The Best

Surround yourself with good people’, is standard advice for those who wish to succeed. Actually, it is sound advice for anyone, but in order to build relationships with the best people, we have to be the best we can be. And to be anywhere near that level, we have to own who we are. More specifically, we have to own how good we are. I have written about this subject before (see the related posts, below) but I am minded to revisit it because of several conversations I’ve had in recent weeks, as well as being prompted by some of the latest journal posts from 11 years ago (again, see below) in which I was challenged to see my own brilliance.

I have moved on since 2003 and the reflection brought about by my work on this blog has heightened my awareness of my abilities, but I still need reminding. Especially considering my interest in collaborating with the highest quality professionals. The standard I seek is set by a handful of close friends, all of whom have inspired a great deal of my writing in a variety of ways. They help define the level of excellence I am looking for; and they make it easy for me to recognise and walk away from those who are not good enough. But I will only succeed if I am clear about my abilities. Only then can I inspire others. Only then can I attract the best people.

The same is true of the people behind the conversations I have had lately. One has just started a new job and understandably wants to make the best of the opportunity. Another voiced his intention to move to the next level, whilst in the same breath casually referring to a couple of major successes within his current role. Yet another has applied for her dream job and is busy preparing for an interview. This post is written for them. It is a reminder that if they own how good they are, then their talent will emerge naturally and without too much effort. The time has come for them to see and own their brilliance, so that others may see it too.


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