One Thousand Days

Every movement is a sign of the progress I’ve made. With every step I take, I can feel the difference. There is greater balance, greater control, and greater harmony than before. Not to mention the alleviation of pain. And all because of a short, easily achievable programme of exercises, repeated daily for the last 1000 days. My success is rooted not so much in the workout itself, but in its persistent, long-term execution because, beautifully, the more often and focused we exercise, the more the subtleties of our physical form reveal themselves.

Compared to the ethereal nature of thought and imagination, the physical realm is heavy, cumbersome, and limited. To live in the physical world is restrictive enough, so it makes sense to do whatever we can to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. Over time, the exercises have given me a finer, more nuanced appreciation of my physique. My body is stronger and its elements are working more closely together; communicating with one another to ensure a more graceful flow of the entire system. Life is definitely easier as a consequence.

By focusing on certain muscles during specific exercises, it becomes possible to isolate them and give them our full attention. With such heightened awareness, you soon realise that you can activate distinct parts of the body and cajole them into correct action. Practised daily, even the simplest of routines is enough to convey a clear sense that you have a much greater influence over who you are than you realise. Plus, there’s the added bonus that focusing on the physical body helps to quieten the mind.

Which brings me back to the comparison with the world of thought. What if, for the next 1000 days, I also begin to exercise my thoughts more deliberately. Surely the same will apply: I will notice how they fit and work together, and how they affect my being; why pain sometimes arises and what I can do to alleviate it. I will see that if I focus my attention more intently on certain areas, I can exert a significant influence on them. I will enhance my appreciation of the thought process and thus be able to create more control, more balance and more harmony. But that’s for tomorrow. Today, it’s time to celebrate the success of one thousand days of perseverance and progress. (Don’t Get Cocky.)


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