TS 11 – Better Strategies

We begin to strategise much earlier than we think, and if the strategies we choose work – no matter how ineffectively – then we repeat them because it’s easy to do so, and because there is a certain level of risk associated with changing them. In this way our strategies establish themselves so quickly that they soon take on an automatic nature, becoming indistinguishable from our true selves. It therefore takes some effort and commitment to become fully conscious of them; and then more of the same to change them for better ones.

Survival & Growth  (p.30)

It all begins because our survival instinct kicks in when life happens:

When life presents us with one of its infinite dilemmas, our instincts demand action in order that we survive. We may survive due to our choice of action, but we have absolutely no idea whether or not our choice was the best we could have made. Neither do we have the motivation to question whether or not we could have made a better choice. Our sole aim is to survive […] so we stick to what we know works, even though it may not be effective in the long run.

The difference between survival and growth, however, can be found in the wisdom of questioning how we do things:

Better Strategies  (p.130)

Having the humility to examine our strategies and be open to the possibility of better ones, is a powerful step towards a more effective life and a more peaceful way of being. Also, there is no need to do it alone.

It’s My Script  (p.50)

Script (TA) is an integral part of our development process. The unfortunate component is that our survival depends on us being able to make early decisions about how we are going to live our life. Of course, without proper guidance we are unlikely to choose the most effective strategies. (See also other TA subjects: Strokes and Games.)

Switching To Manual  (p.387)

When we do decide to do things differently, it can feel awkward. It will also be less successful to begin with. But perseverance, built on the certainty of the need for change, will allow the new strategy to prevail. And all it takes is one small success to encourage and empower us further.


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