Reality’s Shopkeeper

She stands behind the counter, waiting patiently for you to arrive. She has all the time in the world and will wait forever because infinity is something she is comfortable with, and because she sees her work as the highest form of service. Every day she has the chance to make dreams come true and bring joy to whoever walks into her shop. You see, she has an infinite stockroom, with infinite shelves, holding every imaginable reality. She is your servant and will bring you whatever you wish for. You just have to tell her what it is.

If you’re not clear what you’re looking for she will still serve you. She may even ask you a few questions to help you make your choice, but she knows that any support she offers might also detract from your own creativity. She knows the importance of self-discovery, and that once you have felt the magnitude of your creative power, you will never be the same again.

She knows because she has watched people transform themselves with their clarity. When you have that kind of piercing, unyielding lucidity, it is instantly recognisable in the expression on your face and the sense of purpose you carry with you. Her smile is the same as every smile she offers, but there is a deeper sense of connection because it is her greatest joy to serve someone who knows what they want.

She listens as you describe scenarios, protagonists, emotions and landscapes, conveying in minute detail how you want your reality to look. Your vision is so clear that you feel a shift in that moment, and as you turn to leave the shop there is a knowing smile on the face of the shopkeeper. She pauses for a moment to reflect on the joy of the occasion, before resting her gaze once more on the entrance, ready to greet the next customer in the same way she welcomed you.

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