TS 15 – Discover & Define Your True Self

The material for the first part of this seminar was taken from the blog post, ‘Discovering The True Self’. That piece talks about the quiet space inside us from where we can observe the surface-level of our worldly existence. It is a place of awareness which allows us to see more clearly that veneer of being where we spend most of our time, distracted by the shiny stuff of life, the bright lights, and the thoughts and emotions which accompany us there.

The remainder of the seminar was taken up with how we are able to use our experience and awareness to create ourselves however we want to be. We also looked at how we are all connected, and how greater insight can be gained through daily practice and steady, step-by-step progress. The whole seminar (and the video below) can be summarised with the final words of that recent post:

So, if we can live our lives fully in this world, and at the same time reside in the complete awareness of who we truly are, then we can be everything we desire, whilst simultaneously being entertained by the theatre of our existence, connected at source to every living being.

It’s all about gaining some distance from the surface-level stuff so that we can observe more clearly and, therefore, respond more appropriately. The part inside all of us which is pure awareness offers a place to do that, and daily practice of the same allows us to become more proficient in our lives. Gradually we begin to see more clearly the baggage we carry with us, which helps us to begin the decluttering process. Then, as we let go of things (habits), we can define and become whoever we want to be.

The more we deepen ourselves in this process, the more we see that we are all connected. This sense of connection and the feeling of mutual support it engenders, is highlighted in the latest post, ‘It Takes A Village’. Being able to see that we are all part of the same consciousness – each of us creating our own reality as we go through life – changes our entire perspective. It makes it easier for us to assume control of our lives, to take care of ourselves, and to look out for each other.


Video index:

01:28 – The surface-level stuff.
03:00 – Decluttering the house and the self.
09:25 – We still need to live in the world, but it’s possible to gain distance from it (through daily practice).
13:04 – The true self is pure awareness.
16:03 – The process of discovering what triggers us.
20:50 – An example of gaining distance.
22:40 – We are all one consciousness.


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