You Create Your Reality

The essence of your present reality was created by you five minutes ago. Or an hour ago. Or a week, a year, a decade ago. (Possibly even a lifetime ago, but that’s for another post.) However long it has taken to appear, whatever is in front of you right now is there because of your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and the world. When you reflect on your life it quickly becomes clear how all the main events have contributed to where you are now and who you have become. Using the same logic, it is safe to assume that whatever you do today will influence your future in some way and help to define who you will be.

On the scale of those major events it’s easy to identify the gradual shaping of your life, but there are influential forces at work on more subtle levels, too – thought, for instance. We say actions speak louder than words, so it’s natural to conclude that actions are the most powerful of all and that, beyond the level of words, thoughts have little or no bearing on things. Actually, it’s the other way around. Thought is the creative energy at the beginning of everything.

Every thought you have goes toward creating your reality. That’s the reason why the saying, Be Careful What You Wish For’ carries such weight; and why the idea of right thought is so important in self-development work. It’s easy to dismiss such a notion by pointing to the negative, painful elements of life and saying, ‘I never wished for this!’ It’s understandable too. I thought the same until Karaj explained my script to me.

Your thoughts bookend your whole experience. They create your reality, and they define how you perceive that reality. So when circumstance arrives at your door, take a moment and remind yourself that it is your creation. And if you don’t like what’s in front of you, change the way you think (about it). Change your entire perspective if you have to. Find a way to shift your focus so that your world is one in which you flourish.

Examine your thinking over the course of your lifetime and you will see how your thoughts, beliefs and desires have influenced your pathway and found expression in your current reality. Or how they have coloured your views of the world – views which themselves become the next stage of creation. The more insight you gain into the connection between the two, the clearer you will see that you are the creator. See it clearly enough and everything changes. Including your reality.

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