Use Life To Make Life Easier

Who wouldn’t want to make their life easier? Whenever I see a list of the things we apparently need to be doing in order to improve our lives, the same six instructions keep appearing: Eat well, sleep, exercise, meditate, reflect, and be grateful. That’s it. If we do those six things every day, we’ll live a better life. And it’s true. It works. Furthermore, everything on that list is simple to understand and easy to do.

Unfortunately, some people think it can’t possibly be that simple. They underestimate the power of incremental steps over a longer period of time, which is how life itself does things. Life takes its time. It makes only small changes, tries all manner of things, persists, and uses a straightforward feedback mechanism to determine the success of its methods.

It’s the same for the fifth item on that list: reflect. It can be the hardest of them all, but it can also be the most powerful because it uses life to make life easier. Whatever happens to you, take time to reflect and distill any learning points you can find. Use life as your laboratory, but don’t expect miracles overnight. Experiment, observe, and practise whatever you discover is good for you. You will inevitably improve who you are and how you do things, making life easier and more enjoyable for yourself as you go.

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