We Change The World

When I smile my world changes. When I smile at another person, their world changes too. Even if they don’t smile back, there is a difference in the relationship between us. What’s more, the change is permanent. I’m not saying either of us remain uplifted after the smile has gone, but the imprint remains. It becomes a part of us. Integrated into the whole.

We are always an expression of the countless experiences and influences of our lives. Everything leaves its mark on our personal history. Some impressions are unforgettable; some are barely noticeable; but every one leaves its trace.

But what if the other person doesn’t even see my smile? What if they’re so preoccupied that they miss the chance to connect? Does my smile still change their world? My answer to that question is a resounding ‘Yes’. The purpose of this post is to suggest that life is so deeply intertwined and interconnected that any tiny act has implications for the entire planet and everything on it.

For example, my fiancée went dancing last night and lost €20 at the venue. Having had a cursory look around she decided to wish whoever had found it a Merry Christmas. She sent thoughts out into the world that maybe the money will help to pay their rent, or maybe they’ll treat themselves to a special cocktail at the bar. After that she returned to the dance floor and danced all night long.

My point, once again, is that not only did her life change with those thoughts, so did the life of the other person. In fact, the whole venue benefitted because the ripple of her intent and generosity hung in the air for the rest of the evening. Extending that idea further, the venue will always have the trace of her presence, because it leaves its mark wherever she goes. And so will the whole world. (And, while we’re at it, the whole Universe!) That’s how easy it is to make a difference. It’s just that we don’t realise it. 

We have no idea how much of an influence our actions have on the world. We are inclined (primed) to dismiss the notion as implausible or irrelevant. Maybe even impossible. It is simply not in our psyche to imagine that the actions (or thoughts!) of one person can have any real or lasting impact on the world. But what if they can? What if everything we do changes the world in some way? And if we knew it to be true, would it make a difference to how we relate to the world?

There are dimensions to life which are beyond our measurement and consequently beyond our thinking. They are nevertheless worth considering because if they are true, then not only is life more compelling, it is also more beautiful. It’s as if many of the answers to our prayers can be found in whatever lies beyond the limited realm of our current and conditioned awareness.

This way of seeing life’s interconnectivity can change everything. It’s something which needs to be explored and experienced; practised, repeated and shared. Act with intention and awareness and note what happens. Send love out into the world whenever you can and know that even though you may never realise its effect, you will have changed life everywhere in the most fundamental way. Forever. And if ever you happen to receive such a gift, share your story with someone, watch them smile, and know that their smile will have just changed the world.

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