There’s Beauty In The Detail

In this review of 2020 it becomes clear that not only is there beauty in the detail, there is also release. The more we explore and examine what arises –

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Remember Your Starting Point

During the whole episode, I was not the only one to question whether it is even possible to change oneself. It’s an obvious and natural question to ask when we

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Challenging Our Assumptions

A week ago I was challenged to leave my comfort zone. I saw it coming and my immediate response was to resist. Fortunately my motivation to take up the challenge

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We Already Know

Before I began my training I was reading a lot of books. Mostly science books, but others too, all in an attempt to understand the world around me. When I

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Measurable Results

Results should be measurable. This is always useful but not always easy. How do you quantify certain things? Wealth, possessions and number of friends are easily-measured units of success. But

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Realisations Among Friends

Yesterday Aubrey and I headed up to Manchester for Sonny’s belated stag weekend. Aubrey was lovely company. I talked to him about his life and his future. He takes things

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I Need To Win

After breakfast, I looked at my Vivekananda books: ‘We are responsible for who we are, because we have the power to be whoever we wish.’ Karaj and I then sat

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Agitation & Calm

I need to settle down. I am all over the place at the moment. No clarity. Agitation but no real focus. Both Karaj and I are agitated. He more so

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We Have Moved Today

Worked well with Karaj. I am seeing how I become emotional. As a result, I have stayed calm all day. This has been easy; it is when I am under

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