Connection & Celebration

I arrived with an intention to connect. There was a sense of celebration, too, because my first real psychedelic experience felt like it would be a reward for all the

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Meeting Myself Anew

This yearly review might turn out to be the final entry of this entire blog. [Actually, not quite.] If so, then I will have concluded this decades-long personal development project

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50 Metres High & Grounded

It was unmissable. Not the event itself (although that is also true) but the water tower which stood solid and unmoving; the centrepiece of the landscape for another MWP* event.

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Make Peace With Your Truth

This is the second assignment from the course mentioned in the previous post. The session itself was entitled, Navigating Uncertainty, and the main message of the lesson was not necessarily

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TS 7 – Don’t Get Cocky

Whilst there are clear benefits of a certain level of self-confidence because it empowers us to take on things without fear of failure, or because it allows us to push

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Journeys Within Journeys

In the days before I set off to spend a month in the sunshine, there was reluctance. I had booked the trip primarily out of need, rather than desire. Desire

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What Do We Have For Each Other?

For years I had a thought: that people who find themselves sitting next to each other on trains, park benches or pavement cafés, might share something of themselves, find a

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Enjoy Your Self

In the pursuit of any goal, there are times when it is necessary to take a step back and reflect. Not just reflect, but assess and appreciate, before refocusing and

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