Rubbish At Meditation?

Whenever I talk to people about meditation, especially people who are new to it, I tell them I’m rubbish at it. It’s a little exaggerated perhaps, but nevertheless a good

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Make Yourself (Happy)

There is nothing unexpected about feeling negative when reflecting on who we are. It’s normal. It’s understandable. None of us are perfect, yet we live in a world which so

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Measurable Results

Results should be measurable. This is always useful but not always easy. How do you quantify certain things? Wealth, possessions and number of friends are easily-measured units of success. But

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Why Am I So Hard On Myself?

Nine days ago, I met up with Eric in London and we flew together to Spain to work on his house. We worked on various building projects: tiling one of

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Who I Am & Who I’m Not

I woke up feeling tired and cold, with a headache and a feeling of not wanting to be here. This always happens when I come back from friends. I had

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Feel The Feelings

My mind set to work early this morning, reinforcing yesterday’s unfavourable comparisons with Danny and moving on to theories about why I am not learning, telling myself that if I

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What Do I Want?

Spent yesterday asking myself in each moment ‘What do I want?‘ and satisfying anything that came up. It helped me to realise that I am important, I do count for

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A 50-Hour Weekend

Friday I felt stiff & tired during my exercises. Is the numbness spreading down my calves? It’s difficult to tell whether things are getting worse or better. Simran arrived in

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