50 Metres High & Grounded

It was unmissable. Not the event itself (although that is also true) but the water tower which stood solid and unmoving; the centrepiece of the landscape for another MWP* event.

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Desperate To Belong

We talked into the early hours of the morning, and he explained to me how I am torn between my need to belong and my desire to go my own

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The People We Meet

They say true wealth is measured not by money, but by how much time we have to do whatever we like. Similarly, we can measure how congruent we are by

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Making Everything Conscious

Late last night we found the final piece of the jigsaw. It took us an hour to get there and was triggered by a line in the previous post, about

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Negativity & Being Yourself

Karaj, Shona, Ishwar and I met to plan the day. We talked about being yourself – especially in other cultures – because if you try to be like others they

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More Congruent

During this last week, I gradually became more congruent. Back home on Monday, after a weekend with my friends in London, I started to bash myself up for not being

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An Intense Week Begins

The room had not been prepared for us. Karaj put me in control and told me what to say and how to say it. I needed to be firm, but

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