Eight Songs

It would take too long to go into the detail of the latest MWP excursion, so I choose to record the highlight – an unexpected but also somehow predictable denouement

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A Conversation About Dying

Two days ago I talked with someone about death and dying. It was an open, accepting and honest conversation full of liberation and beauty. The person with whom I spoke

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We Are Wonderful. All Of Us.

At the start of this year, in the middle of Winter, I was committed to the realisation of the True Self – that which lies beyond the conditioned, worldly self.

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A Tragic Breakthrough

We hadn’t spoken for well over 20 years. Not because we’d fallen out. We weren’t close enough for that. We had know each other as kids at school and through

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Life Is Unimaginably Large

Everyone at some point in their life – whether out of desperation or curiosity – has wondered about the meaning or purpose of life. It’s the biggest question there is;

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A Story Of Two People

There’s a woman who treads the pathways of the park where I take my morning walk. She pushes an old pram filled with bread and the treasures she finds in

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From Curiosity To Reflection

I ended the first post of this series talking about having the curiosity of a child in a brand new playground. As I wrote that line I questioned whether the

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Saying Goodbye

The common thread of this 3-day weekend was Ishwar’s letter to his dying father. We began early, in the first supervision. Ishwar needs to say goodbye but he was not

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06.30 E&M 100 mins. Dad phoned to say that Gran was still in hospital and not doing very well. He has not been doing very well either – his health

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