Dream Every Day

Take an hour or two from your schedule. Sit quietly and comfortably, undisturbed by your world, and dream. It’s a simple instruction requiring no interpretation because we all understand what

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Eleven Days In La La Land

For a number of reasons I was drawn to watch the same film again and again. Five times in eleven days, in fact. La La Land is a hugely uplifting

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What We’re Up Against

I posted a journal entry recently, from 11 years ago (My Mind At Work). It was the most difficult entry of all to post because it denigrates the man who

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Desperate To Belong

We talked into the early hours of the morning, and he explained to me how I am torn between my need to belong and my desire to go my own

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I Created My Environment

Following on from the previous post, ‘Be Careful What You Wish For‘, this one uses the example of my training group to further the idea that we are capable of

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If you can be clear about what it is you want, then it’s already on its way. The rest is pretty straightforward. It’s about recognising and taking the opportunities as

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Launderette Insights

08.45 E&M 50 mins. I took the morning off and went to the launderette. While I was there, reading my book (Veronika Beschließt Zu Sterben – Paulo Coehlo), I realised

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Dreams & Visions

As I finished my breakfast I had a vision of me in my own house or flat eating healthy breakfasts every day. I began to dream. A flat in Germany…

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Dreams, Facts & Celebration

Karaj and I talked about my inability to see the facts. I am looking for reassurances that things will work out when all the facts are there. Everything Karaj and

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