TS 10 – Calibrate The Machine

Whereas last week we focused on those aspects of ourselves which are also visible to other people, this week’s seminar looked at the more subtle aspects of our existence  –

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The People We Meet

They say true wealth is measured not by money, but by how much time we have to do whatever we like. Similarly, we can measure how congruent we are by

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The Subtlety Of Feeling

On one particular day last month, a client was struggling to get himself going. He had a routine and a plan, and he had procedures in place for when things

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Note To Self: Accept Invitations

As an introvert, my default position when I receive an invitation is almost always: No thanks. (Notable exceptions include weddings, some birthdays and close friends.) I am aware of my

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Calibrate The Machine

The more familiar you are with your core self, the easier it is to identify and deal with how your direct environment affects you. But with everything going on around

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Complete The Picture

I attended a wedding last weekend. It was a wonderful occasion, as weddings so often are, and for two days afterwards I met and reflected on the whole event with

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Life In The Middle

Many years ago a colleague of mine talked to me about living life along a steady, unmoving line between the emotional highs and lows I seemed addicted to at the

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The Importance Of Feelings

This is a big topic, so this post confines itself to a summary of the latest three journal entries from 11 years ago, which place the emphasis on deciphering my

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My Battle Is With Myself

Woke up with a stiff body from sleeping on the floor, and extremely annoyed. The exercises were very hard work to start with, but I stuck at it. I decided

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