The Space Between Stories

As part of an online course, I have been prompted to share a personal example of the space between stories. (For more information on what that means, see the post,

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The Hardest Part

One week ago this blog entered its final year. The mainstay of what is written in these pages is the journal I kept throughout my training. On 24th October 2014

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Just To Recap…

For anyone new to this blog, here is the essence of the story so far: Karaj was a distinctive, somewhat maverick therapist, whose self-acknowledged lack of social skills meant he

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Enjoy The Journey

It is not uncommon for my clients to express concern; to worry about the attainment of their goals. When they do, my advice is always the same: assume you will

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4,017 Days

In February 2000, in England, I began working closely with an uncompromising and unconventioanl therapist called Karaj. His approach was grounded in Transactional Analysis (TA), but he believed in using everything we

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