Connection & Celebration

I arrived with an intention to connect. There was a sense of celebration, too, because my first real psychedelic experience felt like it would be a reward for all the

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The List

What follows is a list of the most important and most helpful pieces from this blog. The list makes it easy for you to understand at a glance what is

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When You Know It’s Possible

As difficult as things may seem sometimes, when you know something is possible, it is much easier to continue to strive for it. Seeing someone else do it and knowing

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Journeys Within Journeys

In the days before I set off to spend a month in the sunshine, there was reluctance. I had booked the trip primarily out of need, rather than desire. Desire

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It’s Your Playground

Whenever the last people left on Sunday nights, my first reaction was always relief because I could finally have some time and space to myself. But there was envy too.

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The Hardest Part

One week ago this blog entered its final year. The mainstay of what is written in these pages is the journal I kept throughout my training. On 24th October 2014

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Just To Recap…

For anyone new to this blog, here is the essence of the story so far: Karaj was a distinctive, somewhat maverick therapist, whose self-acknowledged lack of social skills meant he

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Note To Self: Fight

There is always another perspective. It makes no difference how we view what is happening to us, there is more than one way of seeing things. For example, when events

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Review the Year

At a time when people are busy formulating their resolutions for the coming year, it is more important to look back over the year just gone to remember and acknowledge the

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