Personalise Challenges

Karaj, Shona and I talked about last night’s session. Karaj said we’ve made a good start and the fact that he was not present meant that we could approach it

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Calmness, Clarity & Contribution

At the end of the 3-day weekend, we sat together to summarise our time together: calmness, clarity, and appropriate contribution; a lack of emotion and good quality conversation. Our discussion

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Support & Personalisation

After fitting the sink tap in C1 we (Karaj, Dev, Ishwar, Calvin and I) sat together for a short supervision session. The message was simple. Karaj quoted S.N. Goenka: ‘If

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Monthly Feedback – October 2002

Karaj’s feedback to me for October: 01. Good support. Hard work. Still issues with personalisation. It is important that you give up personalising things, otherwise you are creating a lot

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Remembering What I Want

Karaj challenged me about why a particular item was not on the to-do list. I felt like a scolded child and talked later of how I am hanging on, with

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I Want To Get Away

Feeling slightly less tired than yesterday. Karaj and I spent a couple of hours in the garden, bolting the lengths onto the cottage U-frames and squaring them up. I am

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A Reminder Of First Principles

Too tired to exercise and no motivation to exercise either. Began to get a headache with all the different jobs going round in my head. (1) Wrote a to-do list

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Commitment To The Process

During my exercises I felt very tired, lacking energy, my stomach still delicate. And as I prepared for the day I noticed I was not really with it; not awake,

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Work On The Here & Now

Woke up feeling extremely tired and in no mood to be shouted at (by Karaj). Began setting up the statement documents for all core group clients for October. I was

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