Sicily Workshop

Summary of Sicily

Karaj, Ishwar and I left the hotel early in order to get some space from the rest of the group. We tried in vain to get on an earlier flight

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Grow Up

Failed again to wake Karaj. I was so tired that, although I heard the alarm and clearly switched it off, I did not stay awake long enough to make the

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The Effects of Negativity

Natasha, Aaliyah, Michelle and Priya were all present in our group today. They’d had an early session with Karaj and we came in at the end of it. Initially, the

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An Intense Week Begins

The room had not been prepared for us. Karaj put me in control and told me what to say and how to say it. I needed to be firm, but

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Last-Minute Quality

Exercised and tidied the house. Karaj greeted me with three hours worth of editing for the newsletter. I am not in the slightest bit excited about Sicily, and I won’t

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Comprehensive Analysis

Whilst we waited for the gas man to arrive, the three of us made a start on our latest homework. We began with Calvin’s stories and it seemed like a

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Preparing for Sicily

No chance for a lie-in because there was still a lot of work to do for the Sicily groups this afternoon. In the car on the way to the house

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