We Score

I write this during a rest day between two full-day trainings. I’m sitting in my room in a luxury Hotel in the beautiful German countryside, deeply satisfied with how things

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A Chance To Heal

Another workshop, another 4 hours spent concentrating on the body. Presence, was the first point on the flip-chart list. Another seven would appear during the course of the afternoon, as

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Patience & Foundations

It has been three months since I lost it with a friend over having to sell myself for the sake of my work. We resolved the issue very effectively and

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The Team & The Individual

The best thing you can do for your team is to work on yourself. If everyone does that, and people support each other in their respective development, the team will

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Innate Motivation

This is the stuff we carry inside of us. When we have it we don’t need persuading, we don’t need added incentives and we don’t need much by way of

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Not Doing The Basics

During the first hour of the day, as we tidied the house, Dev, Simran and myself were all isolated; no teamwork. When I realised this I brought us together and

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A Distinct Lack Of Teamwork

In last night’s session, Simran had talked about the need for teamwork: when one member is down the others can take on his work. This was the first item on

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