To-Do List

Providing Support

Early this morning, Karaj said we need to get out of the negativity we are in. It is making us tired. I certainly felt that last night, so for the

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Something In My Head

I contacted Dev at lunchtime to ask him what games is he playing not contacting people – this shows his immaturity. He started off energised and clear as he talked

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Make Use Of Others

Imogen arrived for her session with Karaj, but first the three of us went for breakfast together. Imogen talked about raising issues. Karaj explained that we need to raise them

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Remembering What I Want

Karaj challenged me about why a particular item was not on the to-do list. I felt like a scolded child and talked later of how I am hanging on, with

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Have Systems In Place

Karaj was on at me this morning to sort out my procedures and have systems in place to cope with the workload. Starting to see that I have things the

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A Reminder Of First Principles

Too tired to exercise and no motivation to exercise either. Began to get a headache with all the different jobs going round in my head. (1) Wrote a to-do list

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Becoming Visible

Discussed with Dev his overall picture of his week ahead. He went off on his own twice; once at the beginning of the exercise and once when typing up the

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Finish Tasks & Take Charge

A learning point from Karaj’s feedback: I do not finish jobs off; I do not see things through. As a result, things mount up and I eventually get emotional. So,

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The Hearing

It’s the day of the BACP hearing. Dev will accompany Karaj, and Simran will stay at the house with me. In our early morning supervision I verbalised my anxiety and

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